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Building Plans and Smart Data Points on your Smartphone for Building Checks, Site Tours and the Implementation of Standards

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Innovation & Application

BuildingScout Checks

When performing on-site checks the BuildingScout is your smart digital companion that helps you meet your and your team’s challenges the easiest way.

Our mobile solution can simplify the work of everyone who is part of a Building Check or a Site Tour. Interactive and vivid is the work approach due to the building plan that you use on your smartphone and the smart data points that you freely set on the plan. They contain all information that is important to you or you wish to share with others.


Check Efficiently Implement Actions

The solution is quick and simple. You work connected and benefit from the user interface. Easy to use and in a playful fashion you tap on Buidling Plans, Symbols and Profile Boxes on your display.

Checks of a building or within a building, to assess business operations, entail significant work and to keep the overview is not always easy. The BuildingScout simplifies the process by responding individually to the user and by being motivating. Intuitively the user operates the device, collects location-relevant information with one tap, and can rely on our field specific profiles regarding the quality of the applicant’s work. Information is evaluated in real-time, no matter if for a specific location in the building, a building floor, regarding a specific subject and relevance or just for the whole site. Overview and implementation is illustrated by the Web-Portal.


Pursue Objectives Comply with Standards

Promoting Sustainability and Simplifying Processes through Digitalization in SMEs as well as in Public Institutions and Consulting Services.

Digitally, with BuildingScout, processes all around checks become easier and operations and buildings more sustainable. Small and medium-sized enterprises apply a practicable tool to keep in sight safety and environmentally relevant information, as well as significant areas of operations or building components and technology of importance and value. Also consultants or auditors can benefit from those advantages or even use BuildingScout as a joint instrument with their business clients to communicate information within the consulting process. What works for private enterprises also can be applied to municipal or other public institutions that administer numerous properties. User-group specific BuildingScout-licenses provide access for first-time users and professional applicants – From single-user accounts that check only one building or frequently perform audits in many locations to premium packages users that work across sites in a team in various fields.

Performance Features

BuildingScout Checks

Building and Operation Situation always in Sight.

Universal Portal



Always & Everywhere



A Solution for each task



Photo| Evaluation | Status | Location


Digital Companion

Intuitive Usability| Support on the Spot



Building Atlas

Organization | Building | Area | Location



Sound Information | +150 Profiles



Responsibilities | Need for Action

Reviews & Checks


Simply Structured Process

Instruction | Connected | In One Step


Success Formula

Work Efficiently | Achieve High Standards



Evaluations | Audits | Certifications


What else you should now

BuildingScout is Made in Germany and uses only German server that are ISO 27001 certified. Besides data security it is also important for us to use energy from renewable sources. Additionally, we apply sustainability criteria when choosing other suppliers.

We pursue the digitalization of processes and enable our users to work without using hard copies. However, you can download information with one click.

You need an up-to-date browser. Mobile you use any Android device such as a tablet or smartphone.

As a cloud-solution you need a connection to the internet. In case you will be disconnection you work offline. The system will update automatically.

How it works

Digital Building Plan with Smart Data Points

Information on the building and operations in the building behind each symbol on your building plan. Thematic modules with profile boxes allow fast information entry and grouping of the created data points. Evaluations support the next steps. Need for action and responsibilities are assigned. Pictures and documents are available, all information is connected.

User Application

What are my tasks, what’s the status and what’s next?

Where are the relevant work areas and what do I need to consider?

Which standards do I have to follow?


Target-oriented data structure enables effective monitoring, better performance and saving potentials.

Intuitive user-interface allows quick inspections and audits as well as remote checks.

The system structure promotes the implementation of international standards and compliance.



Technical Installations

Energy Users

Safety Installations


Health Risks

Environmental Impacts

Precaution Measures



Protective Equipment

Hazardous Material


Building Data

Room Information








The project was funded under the EXIST program by the Federal Ministry of Economics and Energy and the European Social Fund.

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