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From single-user accounts that check only one building to premium packages for users that work across sites in a team in various fields. No matter if it concerns your own buildings and operations or you perform checks as an external person at a client, you always benefit from BuildingScout and will find a suitable solution due to the flexible and attractive license models. You only need a BuildingScout Account.

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Overview: BuildingScout Tool Kit

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Or  benefit from the flexible PREMIUM Accounts: Cooperate with many persons and use work field specific profiles to work more effective and to receive direct assistane in each work situation.

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User Group 1: SME Small and medium-sized enterprises

Buildingscout explores your company’s operations

Increasingly corporations are looking for easy to use Cloud-Solutions to advance their site inspections and checks of facilities and work stations.

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User Group 2: Consultants & Auditors

Buildingscout for you and your corporate clients

It can be quite challenging to orient oneself as an external person in an unfamiliar organization. Simultaneously it is important to quickly document observations in an orderly structure and to relate information to the location. Our cloud computing solutions, that is available anywhere at any time. Subsequently,the results are available online instantly or you use the Scout with your client jointly.

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User Group 3: Public Institutions

Buildingscout to explore your real property

Public institutions work with numerous actors and the property structures are complex. Our easy to use Cloud-Solution can facilitate the mobile work on-site and the immediate exchange of  information.

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User Group 4: Real-Estate Services

Building Check: Residential and Commercial

Increasingly service companies of the real estate industry are looking for simple cloud-solutions for immediate mobile application on-site and direct documentation evaluation centrally.

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User Group 5: Municipal Institutions

The BuildingScout explores your buildings and sites

Municipalities are responsible for numerous buildings, site and facilities. Our easy to use cloud-solution give a quick up to date overview and facilities the immediate exchange of information between actors.

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