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Digital Checks for Sustainable Operations & Buildings



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The digital companion makes it easier to meet your team’s challenges around on-site checks. Our mobile solutions simplify the work for everyone who is part of a Building Check or a Site Tour. The work approach is interactive and vivid due to the building plan that you use on your smartphone and the smart data points that you freely create on the plan. The data points contain all information that is important or you wish to share with others.


A Toolbox for Mobile Work and Evaluation Processes

Benefit from the user-friendly user interface: At a fast pace and in a and playful fashion you tap on Buidling Plans, Symbols and Profile Boxes on your display. Your work connected with your groups

Checking a building or something within a building, to assess business operations, is challenging and to keep the overview of the situation is not always easy. The BuildingScout simplifies the process by responding to the user with subject specific profile options. Intuitively the user operates BuildingScout on his or her device, collects location-relevant information with one tap, and can rely on our field specific profiles regarding the quality of the work. Information is evaluated in real-time, no matter if is on a specific location in the building, a building floor, regarding a specific subject and relevance or just for the entire site. Overview and implementation is illustrated by the Web-Portal.


Performance Features

Improved Data Quality and Availability

Status of the Building or Operations checked

Your smartphone displays your building plan where you can create data points freely. You quickly gather information on your smartphone. Behind each data point symbol information is available on the building or business operations. Our thematic modules support the process. All information is available online and the needed actions can be shared with relevant groups.

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Digitally, with BuildingScout, work steps all around on-site checks become easier leading to more sustainable operations and buildings by following relevant standards. Coorperations apply a practicable tool to keep in sight safety and environmentally relevant information, as well as significant areas of operations or building components and technology of importance and value. Also consultants or auditors can benefit from the advantages or even use BuildingScout as a joint instrument with their clients to communicate information within the consulting or auditing process. What works for private enterprises also can be applied to municipal or other public institutions that administer numerous properties.



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