As a Cloud-Solution BuildingScout supports your work anywhere at any time using your Smartphone or Tablet. No setup is needed and entered information is available online instantly.


Our BuildingScout convinces with its simple and straightforward usability, as other familiar apps using maps. The 4 core elements of the software allow a completely new and simplifying approach in many areas of mobile work, specifically with complex structures.


The system is suitable for all kinds of industries as the user selects his or her modules of work field specific subjects with over 150 profile boxes in total. The modules are geared to follow recognized global standards. International user groups the system is provided in English or German language.


There is nothing to set up, the usability is intuitive and due to the profiles, the application is used within the work process playfully. Just get started. If there is still a question or you wish your team to perform BuildingScout-Checks more effectively, you can use our online trainings or guidance of our partners.




4 core functions that simplify your checks and site tours


Your Buildings on the Smartphone

Your Building Plans available for location-related data entry

Floor Plan |Building Sketch Exterior | Other Objects


Data Points on the Building Plan

Set Data Points freely and enter information

Data Point Symbol | Text Evaluation | Photo


Profile Boxes for Field Specific Quick Selection

Select Box for Data Point, Issue Documented

Relevant Aspect | Object  Need for Action


Share Your Information on the Cloud

Data Points Available for Everyone and Assigned to Actors

Action Plan | Measures





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