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Mobile Computing

Checks and Site Inspections on your Smartphone

Buildingscout supports your work anywhere at any time using your Smartphone or Tablet. No setup is needed and entered information is available online instantly.


Our BuildingScout convinces with its simple and straightforward usability, as other familiar apps using maps. The 4 core functions allow a completely new and simplifying approach in many areas of mobile work, specifically with complex building structures. The system is suitable for all kinds of industries as the user selects modules for each specific work field, choosing from over 150 profiles in total. The modules are geared to follow recognized global standards.

The usability is intuitive and due to the profiles, the application is used within the work process playfully. Just get started. If there is still a question or you wish your team to perform BuildingScout-Checks more effectively, you can use our online trainings or guidance of our partners.

4 Core Functions

Cloud-based Toolbox

How it works

Digital Building Plan with Smart Data Points

Information on the building and operations in the building behind each symbol on your building plan. Thematic modules with profile boxes allow fast information entry and grouping of the created data points.


Data Points in the Map

The Data Point with information on the specific location in the building can be shared with everyone (incl. free text, photo, evaluation etc.).

Simple features allow quick evaluations of the priority and field specific assessments (e.g. riks or other criteria)

Photos of the situation or object are taken with the mobile device and attachted to the corresponding data point automatically

Profiles for a Data Point

The respective thematic Profile determines the Data Point Symbol and grouping of the Data Points in the system

The profiles follow recognized standards and common parctice of the respective field of work. They are applied work situation related.

Each Module covers six thematic aspects with issue menues of up to 60 Profile Boxes in total.


Good to know

BuildingScout is Made in Germany and uses only German server that are ISO 27001 certified.

Besides data security it is also important for us to use energy from renewable sources. Additionally, we apply sustainability criteria when choosing other suppliers.

We pursue the digitalization of processes and enable our users to work without using hard copies. However, you can download information with one click.

You need an up-to-date browser. Mobile you use any device such as a tablet or smartphone with an Android operating system.

As a cloud-solution you need a connection to the internet. In case you will be disconnection you work offline. The system will update automatically.


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