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The Scout explores your organization’s premises


Buildingscout makes mobile work and the direct exchange of information between persons much easier. Particularly in SMEs, with this compact cloud solution, many processes all around site tours and checks can be digitalized without implementation or training.

How Safety and Health Managers use it?


What the Toolbox can do for you?

Relevant aspects for occupational health and safety management (e.g. ISO 45001)


Capture the situation of an organization regarding all relevant health risks and work safety aspects and share it with others. Each aspect category contains typical work specific per-defined sub-categories for quick assessment.


How it works?


How it works?


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You only need a mobile device. Sign up for a Free Account and try it right away. To use your building plan on your smartphone you do not have to set up anything.  After logging in, you enter your building and take a picture of your building plan.  Instantly you can enter data points on it.

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